About Lone Leaf Custom Taxidermy

Casey WattersonLone Leaf Custom Taxidermy was designed to be different and to set itself apart from the rest. With each client I meet, I set one clear goal for myself: to exceed their expectations.

I have never believed in taking shortcuts. No one has ever accomplished great things by taking the path of least resistance. I feel that if you are going to do something you might as well do it right. To do so it takes time and the best materials you can buy. Does it cost more?, well yes it normally does but I have never found anything cheap that is good, and nothing good that is cheap.

There are no two taxidermists alike because no one has the same abilities. Ask yourself these questions, How much time and money do I already have invested in my trophy? In ten years how good do I want my trophy to still look? By taking the path of "Cheapest" resitance will I really aquire what I really desire?

I hope you value your trophy enough to at least stop, slow down and compare the product not the price. Here is the good news my prices are normally not that much more than that of my competitors. The bottom line, anyone can be cheap it's that I choose not to be that has elevated my studio.I don't want to deliver the same product as my competitors but a better one. Through professionalism, honesty, and integrity I am able to deliver an experience and product that if I were the client I would desire. I believe my business is a reflection of me and that my success is determind by my value to others. I hope you choose to accept nothing less than what you and your trophy deserve. You owe it to yourself and your trophy to give me a call and set up your appointment today!

Casey Watterson
Lone Leaf Custom Taxidermy
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