Lone Leaf School of Taxidermy

Teaching others the art of taxidermy has been a goal of mine since I started on my journey to become the best I can be in the challenging art of wildlife taxidermy. With the Lone Leaf School of Taxidermy that goal has become a reality. At Lone Leaf School of Taxidermy we focus on the same things that have helped me achieve my success. I would like to invite you to come take a class with us. As we say at Lone Leaf, "Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make."

Thanks, Casey Watterson



  • February 18-22 - Molding, Casting and Painting Fish

    Learn how we take a fish from the lake to the wall. We will teach you how to correctly mold and cast a replica of your fish. Then Casey will show you his tips and secrets for bringing that fish to life with paint

  • March 11-15 - Advanced Open Mouth Whitetail Class

    Be the first to get your hands on the new Open Mouth Panting Mouthcup for Whitetail Deer by Cary Cochran in this special class taught by Cary Cochran and Casey Watterson. During the class you will mount a whitetail using Cary's new mouthcup. He will show you how it is designed to be installed along with tips and tricks to improve your whitetail mounts.

  • April 8-12 - Turkeys

    Cary Cochran joins Casey Watterson again to teach you the art of mounting turkeys. This class covers everything you need to learn to take your turkey mounts to the next level.

To sign up or enquire about any of our classes please contact us at 419-362-1060 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..